Discover Our Best Natural
Shampoo Options

Many folks want to know more about the ingredients in our products. At Herbal Essences, we believe a natural shampoo option brings together the best of science and nature. We are committed to making a safe product with an amazing experience.

We work with many scientists to make our products awesome. In fact, we work with Kew Garden scientist to endorse our botanicals along with many safety and regulatory agencies. We believe in safety first and are committed to making our products effective, enjoyable, and safe for everyone.

All About bio:renew

Our bio:renew collections were created with the power of both nature and science to help fend off free radicals that damage hair. Free radicals are everywhere in nature- including your hair- and destroy hair from the inside out. Antioxidants are nature little miracle to protect hair from free radicals. Our bio:renew blend contains these active antioxidants to keep your hair healthy and protected. Our 90% natural origin ingredients include water and any ingredient unchanged from its natural state or which has undergone processing but still keeps more than 50% of its original structure.

Kew Gardens-approved Botanicals

Our bio:renew botanicals are authenticated by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Now, the Herbal Essences you loved for almost 50 years is certified by Kew Garden's 250 years of plant expertise and research. It's our best botanical shampoo and conditioner yet!