Rice Milk for Hair


Herbal Essences Passion Flowers & Rice Milk shampoos and conditioners include real passion flowers and real rice milk, as certified by plant experts at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Rice Milk was used by the women in the Japanese Imperial Court

What is Rice Milk?

Rice milk is a grain milk that is made mostly from brown rice. You can make rice milk by boiling and blending rice in water, until you get a milk-like product.

Rice milk is known to have many benefits thanks to its natural antioxidants and is also believed to boost metabolism. Dairy-free, it’s a great alternative to cow’s milk.

But rice milk also has a long history in hair care. For nearly 2000 years, rice milk has been used in Asia as a part of hair care routines – used to wash and nourish hair. Women in the Japanese Imperial Court, back in 400 A.D., were known for their beautiful hair. And guess what ingredient they were using? Rice milk!

Herbal Essences Passion Flowers & Rice Milk collection is a high conditioning collection, giving your hair shine and a healthy look. It is good for dry and damaged hair.

Where does Rice Milk come from?

Rice milk is made mostly from whole-grain brown rice. This plant grows mostly in Asia and Africa. However, rice is now exported around the world.