White Strawberry (Fragaria Chiloensis Fruit Extract) for Hair


Herbal Essences White Strawberry & Sweet Mint shampoos and conditioners include real white strawberry and real mint, as certified by plant experts at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

White strawberries are called the “White Jewel” in Japan

What is the White Strawberry?

White strawberries? They’re exactly what they sound like! White strawberries are like red strawberries, but without a key protein, which leaves their skin white and their seeds red. Fear not, these fruits still develop the same flavor and aroma as their red counterparts!

When red strawberries grow, they first start as a white flower which turns into a green berry. As the fruit grows it turns white, pink, and then red when ripe. The white strawberries follow the same process, but because they are missing a key protein, their color never darkens.

Strawberries are believed to be native to America: North, Central and South. Traditionally, Native Americans have cooked with wild strawberries. Strawberries have only been cultivated for a few centuries. The fruit used to be known as a luxurious dessert and New York became a “strawberry hub”. The fruit is also cultivated in Europe, where it has then been brought by the first colonists.

Strawberries have many benefits! They’re a great source of hydration, because they’re more than 90% of water.

Herbal Essences White Strawberry & Sweet Mint collection makes your hair silky and shiny and gives them volume and a healthy look.

Beautiful white strawberries could even uplift your mood!

Where is the White Strawberry from?

Strawberries are believed to be native to America, but they are now grown all over the world.

This fruit grows from a perennial plant, which can grow in high sunlight areas.

Today, white strawberries are grown by crossing different strawberries species. The pineberry is the most recognizable species of white strawberry. One of the biggest producers and consumers of white strawberry is Japan, where they are known as the ‘white jewel’.