How to Add Moisture to Dry or Dull Hair

Dry hair. We’ve all been there. In the summer, the sun and heat wreak havoc on our strands. In the winter, the brutal cold can strip your hair of moisture. No matter what you do, it feels like a lost cause. You wonder, “Am I destined to have dry, dull hair forever?”

Here’s the good news: we’ve rounded up some of the most common culprits that cause dry strands and what you can do to moisturize dull hair. Soon enough, you’ll have luscious and shiny locks.

Top 5 Causes of Dry Hair

Your hair is smart. Each strand has a protective layer called the cuticle that helps protect your mane from damage. When a cuticle’s layers are weathered away, it has trouble retaining moisture and oil. What causes this harm?

Problem 1: Over Washing

Washing your hair can feel good. After all, it cleanses your hair and leaves it feeling brand new. But did you know that washing your hair too frequently can leave strands washed out? No thanks!


• Depending on your hair texture, try washing with shampoo every few days rather than every day. This will give your scalp a chance to replenish. If your hair needs a cleanse, try dry shampoo or rinsing only with water.

• Make sure to select a shampoo that is created to help quench dry hair like our Coconut Water & Jasmine Shampoo that will leave your strands hydrated and squeaky clean.

Problem 2: Too Much Heat

While your curling iron and hair straightener can make your locks look incredible, they sadly create a lot of damage. High temperatures strip your hair of moisture, leaving it dry and broken.


• Take a break from the heat. Try styling your hair without the use of tools. Instead, use a product like our Body Envy Volumizing Mousse to add volume and body to your locks.

• Let your curls bounce with definition using our Mango & Aloe Hair Curl Cream. Add to damp hair, scrunch away, and air dry for natural definition.

• If you can’t avoid using heat tools, make sure that you incorporate a heat protectant in your routine. This helps create a barrier between your strands and the heat from your tools.

Problem 3: Exposure to the Elements

Going outside is fun until it leaves your hair damaged and dry. From UV rays from the sun to brutally cold weather, your mane is constantly put to the test. The elements work overtime to strip your locks of all of its moisture, leaving you frustrated.


• Hats are in fashion. When you are planning on spending a long time outside, wear your favorite hat or scarf to protect your mane from damage.

• Make the switch to a high-quality conditioner made to add moisture back to your hair. Our Coconut Water & Jasmine Conditioner gives thirsty hair all the hydration it needs.

Problem 4: Chemical Dyes

A little blonde here. A splash of red there. The more you color your hair with traditional chemical dyes, the more likely it is left damaged and dry.


• Plant-based antioxidants in our bio:renew collections help fend off damaging free radicals that help fade colored hair. With every wash, hair is replenished with antioxidants.

• Before and after you color your hair, replenish it with a softening hair mask like our Coconut Milk Sulfate-Free Hair Mask Treatment. It is made to deeply moisturize and nourish dry, damaged hair.

Problem 5: Long-Term Damage

Bleaching, dying, using styling tools, and spending hours in the sun can do a number on your hair. The tell-tale sign of damaged hair: dry, brittle locks.


• The hairdresser is your #1 best friend. Plan to get your hair trimmed frequently to remove dead ends and damaged strands. This will make your mane grow healthier and retain moisture.

• Deep conditioning hair mask like our Argan Sulfate free Hair Mask is made to help repair and revitalize dry, damaged hair.

• Add a moisturizing oil to your daily routine. Try our Argan Oil & Aloe Vera Lightweight Hair Oil Mist to gently hydrate, smooth, and repair your hair.