Charcoal (Carbon sulphate oxide) for Hair


Charcoal has been used since 400 B.C: for its purifying water properties

What is Charcoal?

Charcoal is a carbon residue produced by removing water from plant materials. Often when we think of charcoal, we automatically think of black charcoal, but have you heads of white charcoal? White charcoal, also called Binchôt-tan, is harder than black charcoal and, when struck, makes a metallic ringing sound.

Charcoal has been used by people for thousands of years because it has many important benefits. It was even used in traditional Japanese medicine. And traces of this ingredient have been used for purifying since 400 B.C.!

Herbal Essences Charcoal collection volumizes your hair and makes it manageable and looking healthy and radiant.

Where does Charcoal come from?

Black Charcoal can be made from wood, coconut shells, bamboo, and many other ingredients. To be “activated”, all oxygen is removed from the substance to create smaller particles with more surface area. These particles can then catch impurities more easily and efficiently. White Charcoal is made with a special Japanese oak through a specific process.