Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) for Hair


Herbal Essences aloe + hemp shampoos, conditioners and oil include real aloe vera and hemp, as certified by plant experts at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Hemp farming dates back 5000 years to ancient China.

What is Hemp?

Hemp, a type of plant from the Cannabis sativa species, has amazing benefits and a variety of uses. Thank you, Mother Nature!

Did you know that hemp farming dates back 5,000 years to ancient China? For centuries, Hemp has been used to produce fabrics. It’s now used for creating anything from clothing and shoes to thermal insulation, biofuel and bioplastics. It has even been used to build cars! Henry Ford’s first Model-T was built from hemp materials and was designed to run on hemp gasoline.

Within the beauty world, cold-pressed hemp seed oil is often used to create products because it’s known to contain high and well-balanced amounts of omega 3 and 6. Why is that important? The high amounts of omega 6 are believed to be great for body care products. Keep your body strong and beautiful with the power of hemp.

Applied to your hair, hemp oil is known to strengthen and moisturize locks. Perfect for the dry months of winter and it can even help control frizz. Hemp helps!

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Where does Hemp come from?

Originally, Hemp comes from China, but now, we can find hemp all over the world. It can be grown both inside and outside, but it does not grow well in wet or clay soils. Hemp prefers high temps.

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