Wild Berries for Hair

When something is good it's even better when it's a part of a collection. Berries of different shapes and sizes found their way to our hearts but more than that, proved that their properties are great for the soul and the body.

Happiness is a bowl of berries

What are wild berries?

A berry is a small, pulpy, and often edible fruit. Typically, berries are juicy, rounded, brightly colored, sweet, sour, or tart, and do not have a stone or pit, although many pips or seeds may be present. They were a valuable food source before the start of agriculture and their health benefits weren't unnoticed.

They are some of the healthiest foods we can consume as they have a high fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants composition. They have proven health benefits for many of our vital functions. The good chemicals in wild berries can benefit everything from hair follicles to your brain and heart. Also, they are filled with vitamins, which include vitamin C that has strong antioxidant properties which help in cleaning oily substances and dirt from your hair and skin.

Wild berries fight free radicals which makes your hair and skin more beautiful. Wild berries contain two main antioxidants that are in charge of detoxifying your body. They also hydrate, rejuvenate, and promote healthy hair growth.

All in all, wild berries are a mix of different berries that all have great properties which we can use to benefit our body and mind. Not to mention they smell awesome!

Where do wild berries come from?

Berries are present almost everywhere in the world. They come from different trees, shrubs, bushes, and flowers. Wild berry gathering is still a popular activity in Europe and North America today.

Berries have been grown in gardens since the 14th century and while they are almost identical to wild berries, wild berries can only be found in nature! Free to bloom and bring us all the goodies we love and want.